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EUROGRIP tyres for motorcycles and scooters has been introduced on global markets in 2021 by TVS Srichakra Limited (TSL), one of India’s leading manufacturers and exporters in the segment.

TVS Srichakra Ltd. Is part of TVS MOBILITY group, which extends into several automotive branches (Manufacturing, Global Supply Chain Solutions, Aftermarket Distribution & Service Platform, Automobile Distribution), with annual revenues surpassing 3 BN US$, and a network of over 25.000 employees spread across 25 countries in 6 continents.

Corporate Sustainability
In Eurogrip there is a strong focus on increasing the sustainability of our products and process.

We almost double the share of renewable energy used in our manufacturing plant, going from 40% to 75% in the span of 4 years.
This important milestone was achieved through the installation of numerous solar panels (5.4MW) and by increasing the share of energy derived from wind sources.
The aim moving forward is to continue increasing this percentage, and we are already taking several steps in this regard.

We installed a water harvesting and recycling tank to ensure this resource can be reused.
We recently begun adding Biomass as fuel, in a process which will gradually lead us to discard coal.
We employ boilers powered by rice husks, whose leftovers are used as nutrient for cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

EUROGRIP international range of tyres is developed conjointly by the R&D Center in Italy alongside the Indian HQ. The R&D Center in Italy was established in 2019, and it accommodates several professionals with decades of experience in the Tyre business. Beyond having overseen the development of widely appreciated international products such as Bee family of scooter tyres, TSL Italian branch is also involved into survey of the market landscape and communication activities aimed at increasing the brand renown across industry stakeholders, media and end users. 

Although TSL has been active in the tyre business for over 40 years, the recently introduced Eurogrip brand testifies the company’s commitment to expand its product range to cover the most demanding international markets. To meet this target, Eurogrip global product line is focused on high-performance products which gets released only after a lengthy development process which includes rigorous multi-step testing procedure and strict quality controls. A commercial network growing in capillarity and sustained through centrally driven programs channels Eurogrip tyres from the distribution network to the riders.

When it comes to developing a new Eurogrip tyre, the process starts with the definition of performances requirements and sizes portfolio, which are based on in-depth evaluations of markets needs and opportunities. These analysis are built from a close contact with all members of the automotive industry: OEMs, media, retailers, regulators, racers, end consumers. Our R&D expertise allows us to quickly start the design process, with the procurement of machinery and tools required for development. Through predictive technology, modelling and Finite Element Analysis, early concepts of the tread patter are carefully designed and multiple simulations are run to study their interaction with the others tyre elements such as structure, profile, compound and so on.

Prototyping and the second step of indoor testing happen in the brand new Factory located in Madurai (Tamil Nadu), specifically built with the latest technology to support Eurogrip expansion into high-performance markets. After the first cycle of fine tuning, where the numerous prototypes are subjected to intensive trials, the most promising ones are singled out and shipped globally to proceed with outdoor testing. Independent professional testers are tasked to take these protypes to their limits on selected tracks and proving grounds, where performances like dry grip, wet grip, handling, comfort, stability are rigorously assessed in controlled environments.

From racetrack to the open roads, where the tyres are ridden for several thousands of kilometers to evaluate their performance durability and versatility across different road and traffic conditions. If a protype gets the green light on the whole process, then legal certifications (including REACH) are obtained and mass production will start. Each tyre exiting mass production is then subjected to further controls (visual/unbalance/runout) and only after obtaining the quality check stamp is released for sales.
While the development process is quite elaborate and rigorous, with numerous checkpoints along the way, it serves EUROGRIP’s philosophy to ensure satisfaction of the whole commercial chain (distributor -> retailer/mechanic -> rider). Continuous Research and improvement ensures that all the most advanced technologies and materials and processes are put to good use when creating a new product.

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