Follow the Hound and enjoy the ride across cities, highways and mountain passes. Whether travelling alone or in company, on a thrilling sport bike or a comfy tourer, Roadhound dynamical performances will carry you for miles and miles ahead.

Quadrazone dual compound technology on rear radial sizes, boosting grip and mileage even on the most powerful motorcycles

High Silica Compound increasing grip on wet and cold asphalt

Tread grooves geometry improving water drainage, mechanical grip and wear regularity

Profile geometry, coupled with a dedicated 0° steel belt (on radial sizes), enhance handling and control also when travelling at high speed

Structure materials and geometrical parameters providing great support even while carrying heavy loads

17Front+Rear100/80 - 17 52H TL
17Front+Rear110/70 - 17 54H TL
17Front110/80 - 17 57H TL
17Front120/60 ZR 17 (55W) TL
17Front+Rear120/70 - 17 58H TL
17Front120/70 ZR 17 (58W) TL
17Rear130/70 - 17 62H TL
17Rear130/80 - 17 65H TL
17Rear140/70 - 17 66H TL
17Rear160/60 ZR 17 (69W) TL
17Rear180/55 ZR 17 (73W) TL
18Front100/90 - 18 56H TL
18Rear130/70 - 18 63H TL
19Front100/90 - 19 57H TL

Media Review

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Bike India
"Roadhound, performed consistently well lap after lap with no compromise on stability, even under hard braking."
Moto Excape
"ROADHOUND is therefore the ideal tyre for sports touring, naked bikes and road crossovers."


Quadrazone compound technology features 4 zones of compound working together to ensure optimal dynamical performances and extended tyre durability:

  • The superficial layer has a dual compound setup (‘harder’ on the center increasing mileage and stability, ‘softer’ on the shoulders improving grip when leaning)
  • The compounds touching the ground are connected to the inner structure by an additional layer which increase overall stability in every riding conditions
  • Compound wings on the sidewall helps in reducing vibrations and heating

A special blend of Silica rich fillers with High Structure Carbon plus additional fillers and reinforcements ensures that the chemical properties of our compounds are balanced for usage on both wet/low temperature and dry/high temperature tarmacs. The mixing of these components undergoes several carefully monitored tests in our advanced laboratories

Carcass cords parameters such as materials, density, stiffness and so on, are finely tuned to provide stability, comfort and shape even when riding at high speed and loaded motorcycles (such as highway travelling with passenger and/or cargo). This careful selection ensures a pleasant travelling experience even in the more severe conditions

FEA aided tread pattern and contact patch optimization, ensuring even pressure distribution and optimal grooves/rubber ratio under footprint at all leaning angles.

This technology allows for increased grip, water dispersal and compound wearing resistance, empowering the rider’s experience

Zero degree steel belt technology promotes excellent dynamical performances when riding at high speed, by ensuring the tyre retains its optimal profile even when subjected to high magnitude external forces. This reduces self-righting effect and tyre heating, plus increases stability and trajectory precision